Rice with Green Grams

This recipe is named in Swahili “Mseto wa Ndengu” meaning a mix of green grams and rice. It is uniquely prepared using freshly squeezed coconut milk. Very popular in the Tanzanian coastal region, it is served to infants and adults alike as a main meal during lunch or dinner. In other communities, this recipe is pre-pared without coconut milk.


3 ½ cups (621 g) raw white rice1 ¼ cups (242 g) green grams¾ cup (180 g) coconut milk1 onion, red skinned, raw, unpeeled (77 g)½ tsp. (3 g) salt, iodized13 cups (2832 g) water

Preparation 15 minutes | Cooking 1 hour 30 minutes | Serves 6 

Boil the green grams in 6 cups of water for 1 hour and set aside.Prepare and finely chop the onions.In a separate cooking pot, add 7 cups of water.Add chopped onion and salt to the water and bring to a boil for 10 minutes.Add the rice to the boiling mixture and cook until the water starts to dry up.Add the green grams and reduce heat. Cook for 8 min-utes.Add the coconut milk and stir after 2 minutes.Leave covered over very low heat to dry for 10 minutes.Turn off the heat and serve hot.